Discover an innovative way of learning management with endless customization,
centralized all in one solution center, user friendly features, and growth
tracking academic monitoring system. FlexLMS360 provides flexible and customized
solutions from any level of educational institutions to corporate environments


Students collect badges not only for their success in classes but also for their social skills and activities in social learning. They download badges and share their achievements.



Mary Fairfield

5th Grade Teacher

FlexLMS360 brings it all together in one package. Our kids need to learn and not be bothered with the mechanics of the tool. FlexLMS360 gets out of the way and allows our learners to just get on and learn without having to work out how the tool works. We like that all the functionality is right there… we don’t have to move from one space to another – we just get on with the job and above all our kids are learning.


Candice Emerson

Parent of three kids

We were looking to make our virtual learning space look and feel more like our real learning space. The first thing was the look and feel, but the second was customizing the learning environment to reflect how we do things at school. Casual learning spaces – no problem, open time where students can ask questions 1:1 no problem. One tool which helped us bring all this together made virtual learning a lot less dry than it could have been.


Andrew Nguyen

School District Chief Academic Officer

I am not (and never want to be) a programmer – the guys at Clarusway came in and helped not just in a technical sense, but also with why they do things the way they do. The result? With one call to the team I was able to set up our teaching space to reflect the way we work and not the way some faceless software app wants us to.

FlexLMS360 is compliant with COPPA, FERPA and CIPA. FlexLMS360 compliance with WCAG 2.1 and Section 508 guidelines makes content more accessible to a wider range of people with disabilities.

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