FlexLMS360 for K12 FlexLMS360 aims to improve students' creativity, their ability to
interpret what they read, their analytical ability, their goal setting and
problem solving skills, their ability to deal with challenges and to start over if they fail.
- Design your customized LMS with ease
- One click access to your choice of learning
- All in one social and visual learning environment
- Customized content authoring for any need


FlexLMS360 Customized learning environment best fits the students’ learning expectations. Create an ecosystem that is entirely your choice. Customized content authoring tools. Learner performance tracking and management system All in one: Social learning and web conferencing integration

With FlexLMS360 flexibility, the structure can be created according to any need.  FlexLMS360 enables creating various kinds of e-learning contents such as interactive videos, slides of quizzes and simulations. By the built in support of FlexLMS360 you can easily insert videos and audio files to the courses.


Build courses by re-using presentations or videos you already have or by consuming content from web-sources.

Assessments Engine

Support for multiple types of questions and a variety of test types. Extensive reporting on test results.

Learning Paths

Restrict the way that courses can be completed or course content can be viewed.

Scorm & xAPI

Support for the latest industry-standard in content interoperability.

Surveys Engine

Collect and analyze survey responses. COLLES (Constructivist On-Line Learning Environment Survey) and ATTLS (Attitudes to Thinking and Learning Survey)

Files Repository

Organize, reuse and share files with selected users.


FlexLMS360 helps teachers and students to engage in learning activities. Collaborative tools of FlexLMS360 enhance student engagement. Acquired feedback increases the teaching ability of the instructors. In an interactive learning environment teachers and students interactively communicate via messaging, forums and notifications, teachers can motivate their classes with digital rewards for participation and activity completion.
More importantly gamification features make learning fun.


Students learn to use LMS effortlessly. They can easily navigate the LMS and access information very quickly. With gamification students will learn with fun. This will encourage them to learn more and faster.


FlexLMS360 as a one platform for all domains, including web conferencing, social media, communication, and collaboration, provides teachers and the students equitable access to all tools required to learn and teach.


FlexLMS360 supports social learning and includes features and functions to allow users to perform specific tasks or consume relevant information at the appropriate levels within the system. Students can learn from and with others in FlexLMS360. Having an enhanced communication and collaboration environment motivates students to learn, repeat and reproduce. Positive interaction environment provided by the teachers via FlexLMS360 communication and collaboration tools makes a significant effect on students to become motivated in social learning. As a result students acquire the belief that they can and will manage, and show the required behaviors to succeed in different circumstances.


Students submit assignments via FlexLMS360 to their teachers. They may add comments to their submissions.

Submission statusSubmitted for grading
Grading statusGraded
Due dateFriday, 28 August 2020, 11:59 PM
Time remainingAssignment was submitted 1 day 7 hours early
Last modifiedThursday, 27 August 2020, 4:38 PM
File submissionsassignment-3 27 August 2020, 4:38 PM
Submission comments

FlexLMS360 allows instructors to share their feedback with their students in a personalized way.

Grade9.00 / 10.00
Graded onFriday, 4 September 2020, 2:29 PM
Graded byJason J
Feedback commentsThat is a great job. In Ex 2, where is variance?


Students collect badges not only for their success in classes but also for their social skills and activities in social learning. They download badges and share their achievements.



Mary Fairfield

5th Grade Teacher

FlexLMS360 brings it all together in one package. Our kids need to learn and not be bothered with the mechanics of the tool. FlexLMS360 gets out of the way and allows our learners to just get on and learn without having to work out how the tool works. We like that all the functionality is right there… we don’t have to move from one space to another – we just get on with the job and above all our kids are learning.


Candice Emerson

Parent of three kids

We were looking to make our virtual learning space look and feel more like our real learning space. The first thing was the look and feel, but the second was customizing the learning environment to reflect how we do things at school. Casual learning spaces – no problem, open time where students can ask questions 1:1 no problem. One tool which helped us bring all this together made virtual learning a lot less dry than it could have been.


Andrew Nguyen

School District Chief Academic Officer

I am not (and never want to be) a programmer – the guys at Clarusway came in and helped not just in a technical sense, but also with why they do things the way they do. The result? With one call to the team I was able to set up our teaching space to reflect the way we work and not the way some faceless software app wants us to.

FlexLMS360 is compliant with COPPA, FERPA and CIPA. FlexLMS360 compliance with WCAG 2.1 and Section 508 guidelines makes content more accessible to a wider range of people with disabilities.

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