Customizable LMS Solutions

FlexLMS360 provides enhanced LMS experience and uses all the advantages of Open Source solution. FlexLMS360 has technically unlimited expansion and development abilities as it adds fully customizable and flexible features.

Customization Matters!

One fit for all solutions cannot meet the needs in the use of Learning Management Systems due to changing conditions of the users. FlexLMS360 fulfills this need with extended customization features. Customized content authoring tools, learner performance tracking and management system, distance learning, and web conferencing compatibility are keys for meeting the needs of all users.

Synchronous learning

Strong social learning




K12 Market


FlexLMS360 has a flexible and agile structure. With FlexLMS360 flexibility, the structure can be created according to any need.

Innovative Social Learning Features and Tools

FlexLMS360 with built-in social learning functionalities improve the quality and experience of online training programs. Having an enhanced communication and collaboration environment motivates students to learn, repeat and reproduce. FlexLMS360 provides internal social communication and collaboration tools such as live chat, blog, wiki, discussion boards, and web conferencing.

Multilingual Learning Support

FlexLMS360 supports learners, no matter in which country they are, receive the same characteristics, benefits, and the right knowledge from the LMS training. It allows the system to be available in multi-languages depending on the user preferences or location.

Intuitive Ease of Use

FlexLMS360 interface is designed based on the latest improvements on User Interface (UI), User Experience (UX) and Interface Design for Learning (IDL) standards. It is immediately eye-catching and inviting, and it is the combination of it being simple, attractive and intuitive that makes learner-LMS interaction friendly

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