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FlexLMS360 has a very unique technical and UX (User Experience) background story. The development team has previously founded many educational institutions from K-12 to adult technology training programs. But the inspiration for Flex LMS360 started in 2004 when the developers implemented ThinkWave SIS in Oakland Unified School District, where it provided online gradebook and attendance access.

The shortcomings of ThinkWave led the team to create their own learning and document management system for learning and content sharing. Firstly the development team created a customized on-line tool which was implemented in multiple school districts. Customized learning and data management systems provided solutions to schools on almost all school related information management services since then.

After 2010, micro education models became available through technology training bootcamps. The members of the FlexLMS360 team funded and managed bootcamp projects where they realized the School LMS segment needed more interactive learning management features to maximize the learning quality.

During the research and development phase, they met with many LMS providers.

In the first phases of evolution the team implemented one of the leading LMS in their educational programs for 2000+ students. But over the first two years’ use, the team identified weaknesses and disadvantages which hampered use in the learning and teaching process. Issues such as difficulties in setting up user profiles or limits on the customization abilities hampered the tool and its abilities to satisfy the needs of wide market adoption.

From the development team’s perspective these weaknesses were a show-stopper. Their response was to form a software coding and content development team to create a customized LMS tool. After reviewing all options, Moodle LMS was identified the most fitting, K-12 friendly, training compliant, and fully customizable open source platform. The Moodle platform provides full customization for features, tools, content, and user privileges. 

FlexLMS has started to work on content creation related to higher education and the business world besides K-12.

After a year of planning, customization, and development process, FlexLMS360 was created.

FlexLMS360 was created by the Clarusway development team, a team of educators, instructors, and software developers to be a feature-rich market-beater with fully customizable and flexible features.  


Synchronous learning

Synchronous learning to meet the needs in multiple school districts with the same shared customizable contents.


Strong Social Learning

Strong social learning features and tools


Management System

Customized content authoring tools, custom user interface, customized distance learning and web conferencing compatibility



Flexible and reduced training time and competitive cost



Offline learning features



Customized student performance tracking and management system

  • Centralized and secure document and content management
  • Intuitive Ease of Use
  • Ability to reach a global learning environment
  • Broad based language support and multilingual learning
  • Enhanced global support capabilities
  • Pricing aimed at education rather than a commercial market
  • All the advantages of a COTS software application aimed at the K-12 Market








Our Team


FlexLMS360 was developed by three visionary entrepreneurs and with 30+ members of a talented development team . All had very successful technology related education, curriculum design, program implementation, and business development experience.
Meet the leading team of the Flex LMS360 .

Eric Altintas

Eric Altintas


Eric Altintas- A former Assistant Navy attaché with extensive IT and project management background who brings nearly 18 years of experience both in public and private sectors as the program manager.

Oscar Yildiz

Oscar Yildiz


Oscar Yildiz is an electronics and software engineer with successful graduate research experience in problem solving and algorithm design. In addition to his technology education and research, he had in depth education and training in technology curriculum design and implementation. He has 20+ years of experience in innovation and STEM (Science Technology Education and Math) education projects.

Bill Adamson

Bill Adamson


Bill Adamson had very successful education credentials in economics, finance, and business administration. Bill has a proven performance in start-up, emerging-growth and fast-paced organizations with a strong track record of building, leading and branding.

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